The Self-Hating Shrew

At first glance Charlotte Allen’s misogynistic Op-Ed piece in The Washington Post looks like post-feminism on hyperbolic steroids from China—an over the top rant with a dose of heavy-metal poison thrown in for effect. She takes on those adoring Obama fans—mostly women—although I’ve seen a few guys melt in his presence. “What is this,” she asks, “the Beatles tour of 1964?”

She then goes on to attack Oprah Winfrey. (I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s because Winfrey didn’t go to Harvard and Stanford and yet she’s still richer than Allen.) Next on her list: Celine Dion. I assume she goes after Dion because she’s a Canadian and therefore a potential illegal immigrant or terrorist, not because she sings romantic ballads in contrast to the rap and heavy metal which no doubt dominate Allen’s iPod. And not to be left out, Botox is on her hit list as a metaphor for what’s wrong with women today. She probably has no idea that men have personal trainers, get as much liposuction as women and tell their Botox injectors to “leave the laugh lines, just get rid of the rest.”

Allen finally gets to the real subject of her attack—Hillary Clinton. Ah. It all makes sense now. Attack women in general in order to undermine the one you really want to dislodge. It’s like firing a nuke at Washington Square Park in order to take out one nickel bag dealer. Or, put another way, creating Sarbanes Oxley in order to keep Wall Street from doing the next stupid greedy thing like giving out loans to any Tom, Dick or Harry. (Oh, wait, those are men. Didn’t women make that mistake? Let’s ask Allen.)

Allen’s Op-ed piece was so completely stupid that I began to think her telomeres were fraying. So when I finally found a photo of her on, I figured she had probably lost her teeth as well as some brain power. You never know what those steroids from China can do.


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