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Sex and the Swedish Censor

The European Union is flexing its politically correct muscles again, this time taking straight aim at what they deem advertisements that portray women as sex objects.       The woman behind this initiative is Eva-Britt Svensson , a 62-year old member of the European parliament (MEP) who has never been accused of being a Swedish beauty.        I wonder how the French, Italians, and even the Brits feel about this dictum.   They’re the ones that  have the most to lose, since they dominate the fashion and beauty scene in Europe a nd beyond.   The Swedes, on the other hand, are really the “enablers,” since they supply the tall, nubile, full-breasted blondes who model the clothes  and beauty products that grace the pages of fashion magazines and billboards.   That must really curl the hair on Svensson’s legs. Although Svennson’s initiative is directed at television, it will have a chilling effect on other advertising if it passes Parliament, and it may even affect French and British politic