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The Physics of Football

I'm one of the 60 million people who don't regularly follow football, but who will be watching the Superbowl this Sunday. We are more than a group on Facebook , more than a cadre of caterers who feed chicken wings and vats of guacamole from Costco to guests who want to rearrange our furniture and our surround sound system. We are the curious and discriminating viewers who are not bogged down by the season's statistics or the list of injuries that would keep the Hospital for Special Surgery in business for the next 10 years. Case in point: the thrilling game two weeks ago in Green Bay when the Giants defeated the Packers in overtime. Most of the "real fans" were focused on how the below zero temperatures were affecting the throwing arms of the quarterbacks. And the announcers were speculating that Tom Coughlin, the Giants' coach, might get frostbite as the camera zoomed in on his blood red cheeks. But not me. I kept wondering what was happening to the football